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Dictionaries Back me Up

Alchemist of The Mountain of Zull

In the Mountains of Zull, by the river of Glazvodee, there lived a chemist, who locally was known as Aemir Tovich, but had many visitors who had originally asked for him or others under different names. The Village nearest to his cottage understood that he was a scholar, and while not necessarily evil that he was a dangerous man, but fair in his dealings and trades, and generous enough to those who had less.
One of Villagers, a banker named Yuri Rostov had been told as a child that Aemir had a secret treasure, and that once twelve bandits had gone to steal it from him by force and that Aemir killed ( and possibly ate) them. As the bandits had threatened travelers between the Village (Riga) and the Village to the North (Valdai) the whole incident was considered to be fortuitous, especially with Aemir making two rather large tithes to the Riga and Valdaian Churches in its aftermath. In general the cannibalism of the incident was only spoken of by those who lived closest to Aemir, as a warning to their children not to roam about by night.

And then…

The story of Aemir Tovich and the Twelve Bandits

In the Mountains of Zull, Aemir Tovich built a home, near the Glazvodee River between two villages on the Outskirts of Nestivolk Woods. Aemir would become a regional folk tale but the truth was much stranger than a notorious Sorcerer revenge on twelve bandits.

As the Nestivolkian Folk legend goes Aemir was an Alchemist. Aemir Tovich was said to have a Philospher’s stone to make lead into gold, a magic wand that played music, and a gun that never missed it’s mark. It was these three items that the Twelve Bandits came for, on what was to be a most stormy and ominous night. Some said Aemir opened up hell itself to take the Bandits, others said he killed and ate them only to feel remorse, which took its outlet as a tithe to both the Church in Riga and the One in Valdai. He attended each Church, one Church one week the next the next week, it was said that he was much afraid for his soul in the afterlife as he seen the pit of hell with his own eyes.

How the Bandits heard of Aemir and his magic items is hard to say for certain. One legend says a young woman had been hired to do the man’s laundry, had seen the wand that played music from thin air herself. That she walked at night on her way home and had told the bandits of Aemir’s wealth so that she might be released.

Other tales say that it was beggar woman who upon being given twelve gold coins, became greedy and as wife of the bandit chief suggested Aemir as a target.

Another tale says a woodcutter stopped by Aemir’s home for lunch, and Aemir had foods from faraway, a feast of all sorts, even so much as to pack the man dinner. The woodcutter came back the next day, and again a feast. The next day another feast. But on the 4th day Aemir said not to come in, that fumes from the chemicals (quick silver and dragon plume) were poisonous. The woodcutter suspected Deviltry and set the bandits upon Aemir to rid the two villages of the man.

And then…
“Merchant Card.” Said the Gate Keeper, otherwise known as TransDimensional Travel Officer Ray Hobbs. Ames Tull scanned his Merchant Card ID. “Fruits and Vegetables and all food stuff go into the Sanitizer on the left. Nonorganic items in the right.” Ames thought it was funny, it was so much easier when you just sent a crate thru. He however was out of the Scanner ID crates until SendBack. So here he was, back on TrueOne. That thought sort of made him laugh, he pondered the possible derivative worlds, the fluctuations that probably all were called TrueOne. He guessed it didn’t matter to much as long as payments and shipments didn’t get lost.

He had been living in one of the more backwater Alt-Worlds, not only still in Nation States but they hadn’t discover electricity as yet. Still there were comforts, and Ames camouflaged a lot of TrueTech that the people of the mountains of Zull might suspect as wizardry or witchcraft.

He traded foodstuffs for goods. TrueTech manufactured iron works, and level 3h materials that he would take back to Alt-World Designate Th-Haou-100825 . There he would do more trading, as well as grow some of the local fruits and vegetables. Most of what he grew he either ate or sold back to TrueOne, rarely did he trade food to the Th-Haou natives. Mostly because they did not need it, they did like the iron farm tools he could supply. The mountains of Zull knew him as both and alchemist and a merchant. Honestly Ames knew that he needed to maintain a lower profile, but the needs of the people of Nestivolk Forest were simple, and his tools of higher quality than most from the black smiths of the two villages who really had as much work as the two men could take. Ames made sure to travel in his adopted Alt-World as well, a merchant must be well travelled and he had to maintain his cover or else be restricted to TrueOne. Those who were found out to explain the truth to the lower levels were either exiled or restricted to the Higher Levels. And be that as it may Ames Tull did not wish to be on restricted Passport, he enjoyed the world that was Th-Haou, and his time to do his research. Tull spent a lot of his time doing Practical Chemistry, one of the reasons for his crops being so plentiful was his Soil analysis coming up with the specific blend of nutrients for what the crop types were.

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