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Cognitive-Contextual Art - J.Wolfgang Fry

August 1976, Jan Świdziński wrote the 12 Points of Contextual Art.

I am not fully agreeing with the Point 12

“Art as contextual art is opposed to multi-meaning and also to relativism. One and only one expression is true in the given pragmatic context. Such expression is expressed with assertion.”- Jan Swidzinski


Perhaps that because I like ambiguity, or think close enough is good enough. Or maybe its because I see multi-meaning in everything (please see Either Nihlism Exists or Every thing has meaning)and/or what not…however seeing that I am claiming a distinction between Cognitive-Contextual Art and Contextual Art I (and Jan Swidzinski) should be well in the clear (Always Claim your work as a new Movement). Also please reference this to the Upcoming work that will be in the Alliance for the Arts Diametrically Opposed Exhibit as It will be a Cognitive-Contextual Piece, in which I attempt to  create a specific Mindset of both thought and Emotion.

-J.Wolfgang Fry

GIF-Diametrically Opposed to Art

A Gifset of some of the Possible pieces for the Alliance of the Arts “Diametrically Opposed” Show

Again these are possiblities that I decided not to go with.

Starting to Creep Myself Out-

This is another one representing the Joker’s effects on Society

It also is representational of Japanese Manga, and How Manga has big eyes. Also it creeped me out.

A Lack of Humour as a Lack of Seriousness

Cultural Commentary on D.C. Comics’ Joker on Society

PostCard Art- Prelude to Every Place Else is Exotic

Original Photos- Non Digital Fix (or Flip)

These Post Cards were made at the Crayola Crayon Factory in Easton Pennsylvania then mailed from Kutztown PA to South West Florida Artists & Galleries.

From top:

Sent to Terry Tincher at Tincture Gallery

Sent to Veron Ennis at VEMA Gallery

Sent to Various Artists at the Artist Union

Sent to Jade Dellinger & Lindsey England at the Bob Rauschenberg Gallery

Sent to Professor Dana Roes at the Florida South Western State College

Listening to Chlorine- July 19th 2014

Walter Benjamin Watchman Remix
A very altered wikipedia photo of Walter Benjamin- expert in Kitsch art

Walter Benjamin Watchman Remix

A very altered wikipedia photo of Walter Benjamin- expert in Kitsch art

You’re Dumb (July 8th 2014)-

I think the piece is entitled that towards the piece itself but I liked it enough to save and now post. I’m hostile sometimes, towards myself, others, and my own work, as well as abstract ideas, things and people I dislike, and sometimes just in general.

Woot Woot

"Art like Life should be fun as well as everything else"

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