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Windows into Thought

Windows into Thought

I didn’t even know he was sick

Who else would it be

"You screaming again? " someone outside asked. Stupid question. The real question was when would this end. "They’ll let you out tomorrow, if you don’t scream for the rest of the night." The bastard outside said.  "There’s something in here with me" I said as rationally as I could for someone locked in the dark with something. The bastard outside mocked me by mimicking me "There’s something in here with me." Childishly mocking me. It was too dark for my eyes to even adjust. There was something else in the room. "Let me out." I screamed. No matter whether I screamed or not they would not let me out tomorrow. Anyways with no lights I was never sure when today was tomorrow anyway. After what I think was three days I had lost my sense of time. "There’s something in here with me." I screamed, I could feel the evil presence. Almost see it. I could hear its haggard breathing, and while I smelled. No shower in what might be months, the thing was rank , or at least rank enough to smell over my own stank. There was a pipe and water came out. A cup was chained to it. I drank and bathed put of that cup. Rank and rancid I’m sure I was. Whatever the thing inside with me was more. It smelled like rot. I was cushioned into the corner. "Let me out. " I screamed again. This time there was no response from outside. Whoever today’s guard was he was gone. I scratched the wall. The thing would move again today I was sure. It would hurt me again. I crawled along the wall until I came to the water pipe with the cup chained to it. I tugged the cup, and pulled the chain. I pushed the cup to the wall and flattened it a bit. It may have been a tin cup or any metal really. I do not know. I only knew it flattened with enough pressure. I was my only weapon against the thing inside here with me. I repeated scraped the flatten edge against the wall to sharpen it. There was a scurrying, perhaps the thing knew what I was doing. "Let me out." I screamed. "I’ll fucking kill you, you pig" I screamed. "You fucking pigs." Again no guard. I began sharpening my cup again. My weapon would however only stretch as far as the chain would allow. I considered that an followed the chain to where it was attached to the pipe. It was chained and locked with a padlock of some sort. Breaking it might break the pipe. I had thought of it, but the need for water seemed maybe more likely than escape. The dark moved, and whatever it was that was with me made a sound. "Let me out" I screamed. "You screaming again" someone outside asked. Stupid question. Who else would it be.

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